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Living by Design with Jake & Whit

Oct 19, 2017

Rising to challenges, the courage to be vulnerable, drams so big they're scary, and how your community pours into you and other times, you get the chance to pour into your community.

Ike Shaw might have the biggest personality in Central Texas and in this episodes he shares how his community was there for him in the low...

Oct 12, 2017

Vulnerability is literally the act of leaving yourself open to pain.  That's some scary stuff ...but it's also a key factor in the depth of you connections.  In this episode Jake and Whitney get real about the fears of vulnerability and how to embrace them. 

You will learn 5 steps to increase your ability to be...

Oct 5, 2017

In Episode 9, We reflect on some feelings of "BLAH" that sneaked into our relationship last week.  As our week moved along, Whitney and I noticed we were feeling more and more disconnected from each other.  We didn't like the effect it was having on our life, so we decided to take action.  Enjoy the story - and watch...