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The FitBar Effect: Connect Contribute Thrive

Sep 6, 2017

“You can say all of positive affirmations you want, but if you’re trapped inside at Sunsets, the waves are GOING to smash you and the ocean isn’t going to let you out until it’s done with you."

What an incredible opportunity to sit down with Mercedes Maidana and talk about:

  • The skill of turning fear into positive fuel for growth
  • The importance of daily practice to be prepared for the big obstacles in life
  • What REAL commitment looks like
  • The value of community

Mercedes walks you through her rise to the top of the big wave surfing world, the sacrifices she made, the insights she gained, her experience in Hawaii, and her opportunity for a new life here in Austin. 

Meet her and get a little exercise at

…or check out her band at

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